Gambling addiction: revelation of the symptoms, stages of the disease progress, its consequences and what the treatment is

There is no doubt that gambling is a very good way to entertain and get some dose of adrenaline but sometimes playing in casinos could also be a real problem for the players that have no sense of harmony and cannon stop at the right time. Gambling addiction is rather a widespread and dangerous phenomenon considering the fact that there are millions of gamblers that have free access to gambling.

The term' gambling addiction' is usually referred to compulsive gaming, losing the feeling of reality and impulsive ill-considered actions. Despite a lot of warnings there are a huge amount of players who disregard all the negative consequences and continue gambling without realizing that their behavior could be harmful for surrounding people.

The situation becomes more complex if consider that there are no definite symptoms inherent to gambling addiction and, thus, it is rather difficult to diagnose the disease at its early stages.

Gambling addiction consequences

This kind of addiction in its difficult forms could even lead to serious pathological psychological damages, such as mental disorders or even schizophrenia, which might remain for the whole gambler's life.

Gambling addiction stages

There are commonly 11 steps in progress of the illness but the stages could be mixed up or left out sometimes. Let us describe all of them by giving an example of roulette addiction:

  1. Preoccupation with gaming means that players are constantly thinking about gambling: they recall past experience, hold sacred all the roulette myths, elaborate insane systems to beat the House and plan how to realize them in future.
  2. Gambling tolerance is similar to symptoms of drug tolerance when players continuously need more and more playing to get the needful level of excitement and satisfaction.
  3. Withdrawal means that players feel irritation because of useless attempts to cease gambling. Whole their consciousness is occupied with obsessive thoughts about roulette table layout and inventing new ingenious roulette bet types.
  4. Escape is described as the state when gamblers try not to notice their problem and pretend that they are not addicted.
  5. Chasing means that player tries to cover all his or her previous losses with more roulette gambling.
  6. Lying becomes a usual for addicted players when they try to hide the consequences of compulsive gambling from their family and friends.
  7. Loss of control occurs if players fail to stop playing roulette games for a long time despite all the horrible aftereffects.
  8. Illegal acts mean that players are ready to break law in order to satisfy their need to gamble.
  9. Risked considerable relationship means that gamblers might sacrifice their relations, employment, social position, etc. for the sake of playing roulette.
  10. Bailout occurs when players ask for money from other people, often lying at the same time, and spend them in casino carelessly.
  11. Biological base is described as a scarcity of norepinephrine in player's organism and means that his or her disease is now grounded on physical causes.

Gambling addiction treatment

The treatment of this kind of addiction is rather complex and could include psychotherapy and support groups, financial consulting, various medication depending on the seriousness of situation. The most horrible thing is that is almost impossible to recover from gambling addiction and players should keep control all the time in order not to lose their temper again.