Roulette bet types: which one suits you best

Making roulette bets is the most exciting and thrilling part of the whole game process and there is really quite wide range of roulette bet types that gamblers could choose among.

Generally speaking, roulette game offers 11 kinds of bets, which include betting either on numbers or their certain characteristics such as colour (red or black), odd or even, high or low. For each round of the game players are to make a bet and place their chips on roulette table layout regarding their choice.

The important point is that each table has its own minimum and maximum wager and a gambler is free to choose among roulette bet types but so that their total value would be within these established limits. It is important to remember that each bet is characterized with its particular payoff which is usually associated with level of its riskiness. Some professional players even download roulette soft that allows keeping all bets details and generates possible solutions according to the assigned task.

All roulette bets are divided into two large groups, which are inside and outside bets. This division concerns the position of chips on roulette table.

Inside bets

Inside betting means that gamblers stake on a certain number or group of numbers that are depicted on table layout and divided into 3 columns (of 12 numbers each) and 12 rows (of 3 numbers each). There is also a possibility to locate your chips on one of lines inside table layout. Let us describe roulette bet types in this group by giving an example of American roulette:

  • Straight Up means betting on any single number including zero positions. This bet is the most difficult to win with odds 38-1 and, consequently, it offers the highest payoff 35-1;
  • Split Bet means that players should place their chips on any line between two numbers and in case one of these numbers is a winning one, gamblers win and could get payout of 17-1 with odds of 38-2;
  • Street Bet occurs when players make bets on a row of 3 numbers. They are considered winners if the ball hits one of them and then they are paid 11-1 payout with odds 38-3;
  • Corner Bet means that players locate the chips on a cross of 2 lines so that they are surrounded by 4 numbers. And if one of them is hit, gamblers win 8-1 payout with 38-4 odds;
  • Five Number Bet is possible only in American version and involves betting on a group of the following numbers 1, 2, 3, 0, 00. In case of winning players get payoff 6-1 with odds 38-5;
  • Line Bet or Double Street Bet means that gamblers make bets on 6 numbers that are located in any 2 adjoining rows. Here, they could get 5-1 payout with 38-6 odds.

Outside Bets

Betting outside means that gamblers place their chips outside the numbered area of table layout. These bets are regarded less risky than inside ones and, thus, offer lower payoffs. There are 5 types of outside bets:

  • Column Bet means betting on any of columns of numbers and in case of win players get 2-1 payoff with odds 38-12;
  • Dozen Bet is described as betting on any 12 numbers that are limited with one of three squares on table layout. The payoff is 2-1 with odds of 28-12;
  • Red/Black Bet means that you stake on colour of winning number and if you guess correctly you get 1-1 payout with odds 38-18;
  • Odd/Even Bet means that players bet whether odd or even number will win and if they are lucky they could get 1-1 payoff with 38-18 odds;
  • Low/High Bet allows betting on any of two groups of numbers: low numbers include 1-18 and high numbers are 19-36. This bet offers payoff of 1-1 with odds 38-18.