European Roulette

The game works in the same way as the basic roulette does. However, the wheel used in this roulette is called the French roulette, having 37 pockets of the same size and containing written numbers inside every pocket. These 37 numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and it goes up to 36; the remaining number is a 0.

These pockets have 3 different colors; the zero is green in color, and the remaining 36 have 2 colors black and red. You can place your bet, represented by the casino chips, using a list of numbers and their total winnings. You can win multiple amounts using the right techniques to the game.

History and basics of European roulette

There is one perception that mostly people have, which is that this game was made in china. However, most of the historians and experts say that this game was created in the 18th century, by the French, making it a European tradition. This is the main reason that this game is known as French roulette and at times, people generally call it European roulette. You must have seen roulette which consists of a double zero, that is the American version of the game and is a bit difficult than this one.

Table options

The tables used in European roulette consist of two parts; one is dedicated for the wheel, and the second one is specially design for betting.

Betting options for European roulette

You have a number of options for placing your bet on this table. You can place inside bets, outside bets, etc. You have the option to place your bet on a single number, or you can place your bet on an even or an odd numbers, which makes it a group of numbers. However, these bets should be placed on the inner part of the table. Outside betting provides you a maximum possible betting option, which is quite different and convenient to be practiced.

You can place your bet on two groups of numbers; the first one starts from 1 and goes up to 18, and the second one starts from 19 and ends at 36. Both are the same type of bets, but the difference is of the groups, in which you can place your chips. If you wish to put your bet on colors, you can also do that, by placing your bets on either red or black color. If you predict red, then place your chips on the red color, and if you predict black, then place your chips on the black one. You also have three more options, which allow you column bets, even or odd bets and dozen bets.