French Roulette

Roulette is almost the same, the rules and regulations are also similar, be it French roulette or any other kind of it. To be able to place a bet, you need to predict a winning number, a group of numbers, or a winning color. The wheel has pockets in which the ball can; the pocket also has two colors and encryptions of numbers, which start from 1 up to 36. There is one other pocket too, which has a 0, and has the color green, representing it. The other 36 pockets have 2 colors; out of the total 36, 13 have red and the other 13 have the black color.

La Partage

There are various variations of French roulette available in the market, and you can easily distinguish the features of French roulette, from the rest of the types in the market. French roulette is slightly different from other roulettes, and one of the most distinguishable features, is the offer to the players known as the "la partage."

This is the extra option that the player has if they are playing French roulette because you cannot find this option in any of the other roulettes. What exactly this option is about? Well, if there is more than one player, who has placed a bet and out of these players, just one player wins the game, by putting his bet on zero or the green color, the remaining players with even money will lose their bets by just half of their original betting amount. These types of bets are called, "call bets."

Description of call bets

There are many call bets in the French roulette, which distinguish it from other versions, such as voisins du zero, in simple English it means zero neighbors. If you have placed a bet on any of the numbers that is in the surroundings of zero, it is called a zero neighbor bet. If you place your bet on the numbers, which are opposite of zero, then your bet will be called tiers du cylindre, or simply the opposite numbers of zero.

There are some numbers, which are called orphelins, also known as, orphans. Other terminologies include the likes of finales en plein or finales 6; this refers to the bet on the numbers that are having number 6 at the end like 6, 16 and so on. There is one more terminology for the numbers ending with 3 or 4; this is known as the finales a chaval.

If you wish to play this roulette online, then you should know about these rules, so that you can easily understand and play it. You can play it for real money on the internet too.