Useful Roulette Tools: what do they offer and how to use them

Considering the fact that millions of gamblers all over the world play roulette77, both in live casino and online versions, it is not surprisingly that a lot of special roulette tools were developed in order ease players' lot.

Let us describe some of them to demonstrate the variety of new possibilities that these innovations added to world of gambling.

Roulette Betting Calculator

Among most interesting wonders of engineering that are devoted to gaming industry is a Roulette Betting Calculator. This invention is designed to help players to calculate an ideal unit size of the bet based on their bankroll (the money that you are going to gamble with).

Roulette Betting Calculator is able to work in three regimes. You could choose to play in 'safe zone' if you want to spend more time at the table, or if you are a risk-lover you should choose 'high risk' mode which allows winning larger payoffs. And of course, this device could work out a recommended bet size if some players are not sure about it. The only thing that gamblers should do is to enter the sum of bankroll they possess and press 'Calculate' button.

The Calculator performs all the needful computations itself and determines what medium-sized bet is. This invention suits perfectly for people who are cautious enough and probably have not so much experience in playing roulette offering them a scheme that allows to avoid huge losses and at the same time permits getting medium-sized wins.

Roulette Analyzer

Considering other roulette tools it is worth to mention Roulette Analyzer which is designed mainly to keep track for roulette statistics. Players could enter the results of different wheel spins and Roulette Analyzer provides them with a general statistics for any moment of the game. Physically this roulette tool is presented as a web application which everyone could use for free. Everything you need to get an easy and quickly access to roulette game statistics is a pc, smartphone or PDA that supports java technologies.

Roulette Statistics & Prediction

Moreover, some roulette software providers moved even further and developed roulette tools that are able even to predict best bets grounded on the past data. One example of such products is an application Roulette Statistics & Prediction. This invention is designed so it keeps in memory roulette spins (up to 200 different roulette bets records) and at the click of an appropriate button performs all the calculations showing game statistics. In addition, such roulette tools are able to determine what the next best bet is thanks to using information about previous bets and based on players' desirable strategy.

Moreover, this application could process data adapted for different roulette bet types: splits, corners, squares, etc. Players could easily observe the last win or loss, the longest succession of wins and losses, which numbers seem to be hit more often and which are 'sleeping numbers'.

For most inveterate gamblers there is an option which allows to test different strategies generating random numbers and using them as winning numbers on roulette wheel.

These really useful roulette tools even could propose you to play according to different roulette betting strategies, such as Martingale, DAlembert or Labouchere methods, that are included in software package.