Table Layout

If you are a roulette lover, and you know how to play it, then you should also know the differences that roulette has. There are a few differences in the terms of American and European roulettes. Most of the people think that there is no such difference in these tables, but in reality, those who are diehard roulette fans, they know how these tables can be distinguished. You need to notice such differences very precisely, so that you can differentiate between American and European roulette tables.

American vs. European

If you want to play American roulette, then you have to follow different rules than that of the European roulette. The names of bets are almost the same, if translated into English. The most important difference that these two tables have is of language. There are many other differences that can be noticed while playing, or by gathering information regarding these two famous roulette tables. If you watch the numbering on the tables, you will easily find out that they have two different numbering orders in their layouts. The wheels of both the tables have different sets of non sequential numbers, which can only be pointed out by examining them very sharply.

Size matters, when it comes to differentiating between the two. The European roulette table is much wider than that of the American one, which provides more space for the players. The arrangements for placing your bet are also different in both these tables. The European table has the numbering written in French encryptions and for the ease of the players, it is also translated into English.

Chips are also very important for playing roulette, since American and European chips are also different. Americans use different types of chips for each player, so that they do not have to remember the chips which belong to others. On the other hand, if you are playing on the European table, you will get the same chips all the other players.

Winning difference

The difference that you can easily point out in the layouts of these tables is of zero. The American roulette has two zeroes, but the European roulette or the wheel has just one zero. This might seem to be a slight difference for ordinary players but this difference is quite beneficial for the European players, making a lot of different betting options for them. This slight difference makes the European roulette table quite significant for playing with high wagers, if you want to win high too. A European table with one zero provides you more opportunities for winning with odd numbers. Hence, the European table is ideal for playing roulette, when your aim is to win.