Talking about American roulette, then it should be known that it is much easier than its European counterpart, due to the language differences, and also as a result of some distinctive features, such as the numbering and the slots or pockets that both of these roulettes have.

One of the most important differences that you can easily figure out among these roulettes is the use of 00 in American roulette, which the European roulette does not have. To keep people from cheating, the order of numbers is not in a sequential order. In the early stages of these roulettes, the tables had some bends on either the left or the right side, which provided ease for the players, if they were talented enough to judge the numbers that usually won.

However, if you think that you can find such roulette tables now, then you are quite wrong, as it has been ensured that such drawbacks be removed from the game play, to make it fair and square. They are making the roulettes much more precise, so as to avoid such things. If you are playing the European roulette, then you might notice that the sequence is almost the same as that of the American roulette.

Types of bets

You can place different types of bets on both of the tables, according to your budget. If you do not want to have a high wager, then you can bet with a low amount. If you place neighbor bets, which are available on both of the tables, it is very easy to figure out what could be the possible group of numbers nearby 0 and you can place your bets on any of those numbers, or up to four of them together. It means that you can bet on two numbers on the left side and two numbers on the right side of zero.

For playing voisins du zero in the European table, it is real head ache, since you have to remember the name of the bet and the strategy of playing this bet and the rules are very confusing too. You cannot even understand these verbally, there has to be some written list in front of you.

Tiers du cylindre is one more form of betting that you can play on the European roulette table. You have to bet on the rectangular part of the table, which provides you to bet on the split numbers. There are 8 numbers, which are known as the orphans and the bets placed on those numbers are known as the orphan's bets. Those numbers are 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, and 34.